More obfuscation and inuendo from Former CIA Director Brennan further muddies the waters.

The Russians may have had more damning information bombs held in reserve for an anticipated Hillary Clinton presidency, former CIA Director John Brennan said in a congressional hearing Tuesday.

“There was a traditional animus between [Vladimir Putin] and Secretary Clinton,” Brennan told <>  a House intelligence hearing exploring Russian involvement in the democratic process, as well as the Trump administration’s alleged ties to Russia, though no evidence whatsoever has so far been tendered.

The former CIA Director has been savaged by Rep. Gowdy after Brennan apparently indulged in highly partisan attacks on the Trump Presidency.
The former CIA Director Brennan hinted obliquely that the Russians might have obtained additional information through hacking, that they did not release prior to the election. Brennan has not offered any proof and has been active in the extensive ‘whispering-campaign’ that is bedevilling the investigations surrounding the alleged interference with the DNC’s servers. Speculatively, Brennan mused, “If they did collect more information about her that they did not release, I think they were probably husbanding it for another day”.

South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy asked the former CIA director whether he thought Russia had information in reserve. When Brennan refused to answer in an open session, Gowdy again pushed for a yes or no answer. Brennan did not publicly confirm or deny whether U.S. intelligence agencies believe Russia has additional information on Clinton to disseminate. That refusal to answer by Brennan, would infer that there was additional incriminating evidence against Clinton being held by Russia and up to four other nations.
“The efforts to further hurt Clinton if she became president, that information or any derogatory information on her, could have been husbanded for a post-election period,” Brennan further revealed.
Brennan emphasized that Russia’s primary goal was to weaken Clinton’s candidacy. The former intelligence chief said that the Russians might have tried to boost Trump’s prospects, even though they likely believed his prospects for success in the election were low. However Brennan refused to offer any hard evidence that would back up that rather flimsy supposition. The main aspiration according to Brennan was to damage Clinton’s candidacy, though he refused to back up with proof that the Russians were even indirectly involved.
“I think that they anticipated that Secretary Clinton was going to win the election,” Brennan said, commenting on the alleged Russian meddling in the election, and the whirlwind of rumour and pure speculation surrounding the whole imbroglio. “I believe that they tried to damage and bloody her before the election, but also I would have anticipated that had she been elected their efforts to denigrate her and hurt her would have continued during her presidency.”

Brennan refused to answer direct questions pertaining to whether there was any proof whatsoever that the Trump candidacy had any hand in the alleged attack on the DNC servers. Several senior Clinton / DNC officers have already admitted that there is no hard evidence at all that would link Trump to hacking attempts by the Russians or other political entities. Quite the reverse. There is mounting evidence that both Clinton and Obama had attempted to use the US government intelligence services to directly spy on the Trump presidential candidacy team.

The continued attacks on the Trump Administration regarding Russian interference, may be a ploy by elements within the US security services, that attempts to divert attention away from the possible politicisation of the US security services themselves. There have been claims that the DNC and the former President Obama and secretary Clinton spied on the incoming Trump administration, by using corruptly politicised members of the US Security Services.

Time will tell and this investigation has a lot more ‘water to pass beneath the bridge’ before it’s done.