With the clock ticking on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, negotiators from both sides officially started Brexit talks almost three months after the British government formally gave notice of its intention to leave the European bloc. The March 29 date of that announcement officially started the two-year period of negotiations over the terms of the divorce.



David Davis, the British Cabinet secretary in charge of the United Kingdom’s exit, and EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier met for a working lunch on Monday. Other working groups and top negotiators were to hold meetings during the day, and a news conference was scheduled for the evening. The first days of negotiations are not expected to be particularly dramatic and could mostly focus on setting the agenda and agreeing to the logistical and practical elements of the talks.

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Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chief John Podesta attacked the First Amendment rights resulting in alleged retribution

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chief John Podesta attacked the First Amendment rights of the free press as he continued to spin his conspiracy theory of Russia allegedly colluding with conservative American news websites to damage Democrats.

During a conversation with the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty, <> he cited the “participation and the support of the alt-right media,” naming “guys like Sean Hannity” and “disgusting” Newt Gingrich for helping spread “fake news” to hurt Democrats. He specifically criticized Hannity and Gingrich for asking questions about DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder and whether or not it had a connection with Wikileaks. WaPo News

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More obfuscation and inuendo from Former CIA Director Brennan further muddies the waters.

The Russians may have had more damning information bombs held in reserve for an anticipated Hillary Clinton presidency, former CIA Director John Brennan said in a congressional hearing Tuesday.

“There was a traditional animus between [Vladimir Putin] and Secretary Clinton,” Brennan told <>  a House intelligence hearing exploring Russian involvement in the democratic process, as well as the Trump administration’s alleged ties to Russia, though no evidence whatsoever has so far been tendered.

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Venezuelan anti-aircraft missiles begin the leak to radical terrorists as the army collapses

U.S. intelligence officials have long been worried about the danger of Venezuelan military weapons falling into the hands of criminals or terrorists as the socialist country collapses.

Grinch -9 (SA24)

Reuters <>  added some high-octane nightmare fuel on Monday by reporting on military documents that confirm Venezuela has about 5,000 Russian-made shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles in its inventory. That would be substantially more than the roughly 3,800 missiles described in fragmentary shipping records supplied by Russia to the United Nations.

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Of Fake News in the MSM : Actual Major US Naval groups as at 20 April 2017

Contrary to multiple reports in both US Main Stream Media and world press, there has been NO major deployment of US naval assets into the Sea of Japan and approaches to the Korean Peninsula. Fake News stories in the US print and electronic media suggested that there were Three US Carrier Strike Group and one Amphibious Ready Group being deployed to the Sea of Japan, to put pressure onto the government of North Korea.


The supposed massive buildup of US naval power around Korea was a totally false report put about by US MSM outlets and has no basis in fact. The USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 carrier strike group left Singapore after a scheduled R&R visit, and is in the Southern end of the 7th Fleet AOR apparently heading for Northern Australian waters for a planned major multi-national exercise that is getting underway. Other major naval assets falsely reported by the MSM as heading for North Korean sea approaches included, the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76. The USS Ronald Reagan never left its home port of Yokusuka Japan .The other falsely reported Carrier Strike Group headed for Korean waters the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 which remains just of the California coast carrying out normal scheduled tailored ship’s training. The only other major Naval asset, inside the 7th Fleet AOR off Asia is the USS Makin Island ARG. That ARG is nowhere near Korean waters and is in fact operating SW of the island of Guam.

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