US Military Rediness states

The U.S. Navy’s elite cadre of fighter pilots—made famous by Top Gun—are not flying nearly often as they would like. Instead, many of the Navy’s elite Boeing F/A-18 Hornet strike fighter squadrons are sitting on the ground with only two or three flyable jets available. The rest of the jets are awaiting maintenance for want of critical spare parts—and some of those parts are being cannibalized from brand new jets in an increasingly vain attempt to keep squadrons flying.

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New York Times Bombshell: WMD’s Were Found in Iraq

Chemical weapons were found by U.S. forces in Iraq, but the Pentagon kept the findings a secret, the New York Times reported Tuesday evening.

According to the Times , from 2004 to 2011 American troops repeatedly encountered chemical munitions in the Middle Eastern country. In at least six cases, coalition forces were even wounded by the weapons from the Saddam Hussein era, the Times reported.

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Hong Kong, Democracy and the Chinese Dilemma

NEWS:- Courtesy of STRATFOR & Straits Times

With the Chinese economy coming under increasing strain, the last thing Beijing needs is a challenge to the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party administrative policy and governance in Hong Kong. As well as a decreasing trade figures, China also faces yet another incipient banking crisis and the potential for the massive Chinese property ‘bubble economy’ bursting. Now Hong Kong’s students and pro-Democracy activists are challenging China’s governance mandate in Hong Kong.

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Ebola:Differentiating Truth & Fiction.

It would appear that some vital facts about the Ebola emergency have been kept from the general public, in the mistaken belief, by governments everywhere, that public panic will make their job of managing this contageon more difficult. This short term expedient is backfiring because the application of measures and the dissemination of the facts about this virus across governments is not consistent. Governments seem stunned by the fact that their peoples are seeking information globally outside of the control of nation states and authorities. The truth has a way of leaking out, but the problem of nation states attempting to suppress or manage the release of information to stop some imagined panic by their populations, is doing more harm than good.

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