CAIR now listed as a terrorist organization


The United Arab Emirates has listed the US based CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) on its national terrorist watch list. The founder and Executive Director of CAIR Nihad Awad expressed confusion over the addition of CAIR to a Nation State’s terrorism list. The addition of CAIR, to a list of terrorist organisations, by the UAR and possibly Jordan as well  at the time of writing, as a named terrorist organisation, brings back into focus CAIR’s support of the terrorist identified Holy Land Foundation that, it is alleged, was involved in directly funding terrorist groups.    CNN Report & Buzzfeed.

Recently in California CAIR awarded the ‘Promoting Peace’ Award to a named alleged terrorist associate, Sami Al-Arian, formally a Board Member of the PLJ, Palestine Jihad Shura Council. The Council provided refuge to at least three associated board members in the US. As well as the Holy Land Foundation links, CAIR has been shown to have associations with the Islamic Committee for Palestine, described by Imam Fawaz Damra, as the armed wing of the PLJ, where Al-Arian was named in a 2006 court case as the organisation’s leader.

Yet CAIR has been on Islamic advisory boards until recently to several US security organisations, including the FBI and Pentagon.

If one sleeps with dogs one inevitably gets up with fleas.