Australian Defence expenditure increases to 2% of GDP

Australia will increase defense spending by nearly A$30 billion ($21.6 billion) over the next 10 years, seeking to protect its strategic and trade interests in the Asia-Pacific as the United States and its allies grapple with China’s rising power.


Defense spending will rise to A$195 billion, or 2 percent of GDP, by 2021-2022, as Australia buys new equipment including frigates, armored personnel carriers, strike fighter jets, drones and submarines, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told an armed forces audience in Canberra on Thursday.

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Australia has second thoughts about the F-35 fighter jet project

F-35: Costly, Useless and Sexist Too

The very same defence establishment that produced Australian of the Year David Morrison is besotted with another turkey: the fighter that isn’t really a fighter and, according to the latest Pentagon appraisal, kills its own pilots, women most of all.

The Chief of the Air Force, Air Marshal Davies, a David Morrison-wannabe, has said that “maybe that big, blokey, fighter pilot attitude is starting to dilute a little”, adding a blokey “So it bloody should” for emphasis. The Air Marshall said that the RAAF’s female pilots would be eligible to fly the F-35. The problem is that the F-35 will kill its female pilots at a higher rate than its male pilots. The recently released report of the US Department of Defense’s Director, Operational Test and Evaluation explains:

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Australia’s Boom – Bust Economy (Housing bubble)




It felt just like yesterday when the book Australia: Boom to Bust was released. The book argued that the Australian economy is incredibly dependant on what was called the ‘Three Pillars’ of the Australian Economy, being the mining, banking and real estate sectors. It was argued that at least three of the five largest Australian  iron ore producers will go bust, and ‘at least’ one of the big four banks will either go to the wall, be nationalised or be bailed out by the government, before the end of 2017.

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RAN F35B kyboshed….for now


The Australian military has decided to cancel plans to purchase F-35B Joint Strike Fighter short-take-off-and-vertical landing aircraft and place 12 of the aircraft on two of their larger assault ships, citing the challenges of needing to rework the ships to accommodate the plane, according to published reports.
“Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s proposal to put F-35 fighter jets on the Navy’s two 27,000-tonne troop transport assault ships has been quietly dropped,” writes The Australian Financial Review.
The two assault ships, which are the largest in the Australian Navy, would need a massive amount of modifications in order to host the F-35B, the report said.

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Sleepwalking into a loss of national sovereignty

  The one thing that is settled in climate science is that if you deviate from the officially sanctioned scripture, you will be severely dealt with.    
Take the University of Western Australia’s withdrawal of its offer to establish the Australian Consensus Centre because it failed to conform to global-warming orthodoxy. The founder, Bjorn Lomborg, accepts the basic tenet of man’s role in global warming but differs on how to respond. In the totalitarian world of eco-catastrophism, competing views must be silenced.


Surely this bullying is wearing thin. For nearly 50 years we have been assailed with dud predictions of man-made climate disasters — first cooling, then warming.
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