The Unquenchable Australian Bushfire Bureaucracy

The end of that great Australian institution, the volunteer country fire brigade, is drawing nigh, done in by the ignorance of greens, the ambitions of empire-building desk warriors and layer after counterproductive layer managerialist protocols. Why use a rake when the taxpayers can be billed for a helicopter. To add insult to injury any increase in material damage and loss of life to ‘Bushfires’ as a consequence of this bureaucratic malfeasance will be sheeted home to bogus ‘Global Warming’ claims. Continue reading

Victoria going the way of Germany?


Rather than benefit in any measurable way from a mad dash into a promised land powered by wind and solar energy, Germany is being forced to beg for coal mines to be kept open because not only are renewables not doing the job they’re starting to cost jobs.

In a remarkable twist of events, German vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has written to Sweden’s Prime Minister pleading for two Swedish-owned coal mines in Germany to be expanded rather than closed or sold.

If the situation wasn’t so serious it would be laughable but not only is it deadly serious it has more twists and turns in it than an Indiana Jones adventure.

Essentially, the German government has signed up for a full-blown “energiewende” program, a grand, green, energy plan based on wind and solar power and designed to provide 80% of Germany’s energy demand by the year 2050. Continue reading

The left resurgent in Australian State election


Timidity the likely cause for conservative electoral loss in the weekend’s Victorian State election.The loss by the incumbent conservative Liberal / National coalition government in Victoria, to the State Labour left is a warning to the current Australian Federal conservative Abbott administration. Continue reading

Obama at the G20 feels the lash in Australia’s press


THE United States embassy in Canberra advised President Barack Obama not to make the provocative, anti-Abbott speech on climate change which he made at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

That the President acted against the advice of his own embassy reveals a deeply divided and in part dysfunctional Obama administration…

The speech was not only damaging for Tony Abbott, as it will be used by all his opponents on climate change up until the next election, it was a disaster for US foreign policy, because the gratuitous climate change remarks completely overshadowed all the regional and security content which Obama’s foreign policy team wanted to be the main point of his major address on his Asian tour…

Obama’s speech was deliberately designed to hurt Abbott… Historians of the relationship cannot cite a single similar example of a visiting president going out of his way to wound an Australian prime minister…

There was also an element of cowardice in the speech. Obama would never have given that speech at home before the congressional mid-term elections. There would have been some courage in such a speech delivered, say, in West Virginia, or Ohio, a week before the mid-terms. Continue reading

With friends like this……


President Obama has incited tensions with some in the higher levels of Australian government after using his closing remarks at the G20 summit to demand Australia do more to protect the Great Barrier Reef. In response, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop sent a letter to President Obama “briefing” him on the government’s extensive work in protecting the natural treasure.

President Obama’s statements towards the end of the summit appeared to be a response to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s insistence that the G20 leaders discuss pressing economic topics at the conference and not “climate change.” Abbott has previously dismissed climate change as a less serious issue facing the world today than various regional economic crises, wars, and the ever-constant threat of terror.

The Abbott administration also led the charge to repeal Australia’s carbon tax, which had significantly damaged the growth of the economy. Continue reading