Hillary Clinton meet Karma

A prominent hacker told Fox News’ James Rosen that Hillary Clinton appears to have established multiple email addresses for private use.

Aides to the former Secretary of State say she only used one rivate email while in office —
hdr22@clintonemail.com <mailto:hdr22@clintonemail.com> .

That domain name has been traced to a private Internet server in Clinton’s hometown of Chappaqua, N.Y. The server was registered in the name of Clinton’s former aide Eric Hothem a week before the Obama administration assumed office.

Rosen’s hacker source employed a tool called “The Harvester” to search a number of data sources to look for references to the domain name Clintonemail.com. The source says it appears Clinton established multiple email addresses, including
hdr@clintonemail.com <mailto:hdr@clintonemail.com> , hdr18@clintonemail.com <mailto:hdr18@clintonemail.com> , hdr19@clintonemail.com <mailto:hdr19@clintonemail.com> , hdr20@clintonemail.com <mailto:hdr20@clintonemail.com> , and hrd21@clintonemail.com <mailto:hrd21@clintonemail.com> .
Other email addresses include
h.clinton@clintonemail.com <mailto:h.clinton@clintonemail.com> , Hillary@clintonemail.com <mailto:Hillary@clintonemail.com> , contact@clintonemail.com <mailto:contact@clintonemail.com> , and mau_suit@clintonemail.com <mailto:mau_suit@clintonemail.com> .
It’s not clear whether Clinton used any or all of these email addresses. It’s also unclear whether her aides used them.
Apparently, she left the pre-packaged-came-with-it security protocols in place without bothering to follow the instructions placed in the box, like change your password from 1234 to something a bit harder to crack.

There really is no anonymity on the internet. They can find a way back to you if you do something interesting enough to get them looking hard enough. Hackers may not be able to come up with the texts of all of her emails, but they may be able to come up with a lot of them. Server logs on other servers that processed those emails may exist. She’s perhaps counting that nobody will be willing to do the work to dig all that up and dig through it, but some people have a lot of time on their hands, and computer make doing such things far easier (if you know the appropriate technology) than they used to be. This may get very interesting for her.

I just think we should ask the Chinese Army hackers at the Headquarters of Unit 61398, a Peoples’ Liberation Army Cyberwarfare outfit in the Pudong suburb of Shanghai
for a copy of the lot.

Unit 61398

 It’d make the whole discovery process a lot less complex and move the narrative along.

Now that we are coming into the Hillary ‘digging period’ of discovery, I can’t understand why no one in the media is bringing up the fact that she was fired from the Watergate Committee way back when Nixon was being politically gelded. And the reason for her being kicked off of that committee?

She made up a fictitious case for precedent, fabricated a fictitious judge, wrote a make believe opinion from the imaginary judge, and submitted it in a brief as part of an effort to bend long established rules of evidence to something more expedient for her at that moment, that Nixon was NOT entitled to legal representation….
Wouldn’t it be poetic justice to have her prosecuted under those ‘more expedient rules’ of evidence for this kerfuffle now?

Karma lives !  Even if it takes 40 years to sharpen its knife.
Or if the MSM has anything to say about it, this scandal will just join all of the other Clinton scandals at the bottom of the ‘memory hole’ that pretends to be Democratic America.

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