Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chief John Podesta attacked the First Amendment rights resulting in alleged retribution

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chief John Podesta attacked the First Amendment rights of the free press as he continued to spin his conspiracy theory of Russia allegedly colluding with conservative American news websites to damage Democrats.

During a conversation with the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty, <https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/postlive/the-daily-202-live-with-karen-tumulty-and-john-podesta/2017/05/23/20aa4738-3fc4-11e7-b29f-f40ffced2ddb_video.html> he cited the “participation and the support of the alt-right media,” naming “guys like Sean Hannity” and “disgusting” Newt Gingrich for helping spread “fake news” to hurt Democrats. He specifically criticized Hannity and Gingrich for asking questions about DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder and whether or not it had a connection with Wikileaks. WaPo News

This from John Podesta, under investigation into his direct participation in covert actions to destroy the campaign of the RNC Presidential candidate Donald Trump, through unattributed rumour and innuendo. It is also the John Podestra who was caught establishing a well funded Clinton-Podestra covert ‘alt-left’ plot to destabilise the Catholic Church, based on the praxis used in the various ‘colour revolutions’ and the ‘Arab Spring’ attacks that appeared to happen spontaneously over the last few years.
Podesta explained that ‘the Russian did it’ meme was one more example of how “the Russians were very active in propagating and distributing fake news, working with these alt-right sites in conjunction with them.” He also cited an “echo system” created by the Russians that raised the social media profile of articles that were damaging to Democrats. He pointed out that “legitimate sites” like the Washington Post and the New York Times suffered, as other “alt-right” websites got more traction during the election. All of this was based entirely on rumour and innuendo with no hard facts tendered at all.

Podesta then doubled down, and blamed websites in the United States for publishing emails from Emmanuel Macron during the French presidential election, to influence the outcome.
“The first reports of them came from U.S. alt-right sites back into France,” he said. “This is a global phenomena.”

He praised the French media for helping censor the information to stop it from damaging Macron’s campaign.

“I think unfortunately for us, but maybe fortunately for the world, I think the French press was more sensitive to it,” he said, praising them for helping Macron “win by a landslide” after censoring their reporting on the hacked emails.

He suggested that the American media should have done the same things with his leaked emails.


Podesta was instrumental, as Clinton’s Campaign Manager, in suppressing the release of news damning to the Clinton candidacy, regarding the criminal leaking of classified e-Mails. It has been established that both the RNC and DNC servers were attacked however the RNC servers had effective cyber protection, whereas the DNC servers did not. It is alleged that this failure to protect the DNC servers, was a consequence of the lax security protocols employed by Clinton and her staff, some of it allegedly criminal in its failings.

A meme was developed by the Clinton candidacy team, based on rumour and fake news that the Russian government were directly involved in the attacks and hacking of the DNC servers. No hard evidence was ever found, after numerous attempts to get to the bottom of the allegations. Indeed at the time of writing there are several investigations underway that the Clinton Presidential campaign had allegedly corrupted some of the US Security Services to spy on the Trump / RNC campaign as well as the Trump Transition Team in the lead up to his swearing in as President of the US.


It has been alleged that Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, was upset with the unfair treatment metered out to alternate DNC candidate Bernie Sanders. The suggestions has been floated that Rich was the source of many of the hacked Clinton / Podesta e-Mails, rather than the Russian government. It has been established that Rich was fearful of retribution by powerful elements within the DNC, that provided the potential motive for his subsequent murder.

Podesta’s former wife is a senior official in the DC Police Department. The Washington DC Police Force has a reputation of being partisan, with historical left wing policies and views supporting the Democrat Party. After Seth Rich’s murder the DC Police attempted to cast the crime as a failed robbery gone wrong. When information leaked from the DC Police that Rich’s valuables were found still on his body, the ‘robbery gone wrong’ meme was forced to change. On reaching hospital Seth Rich’s three bullet wounds were assessed as not life threatening by the medical staff. One wound was not considered life threatening, although the spent bullet was still lodged in his body and he was scheduled for surgery to remove it. The other two wounds were as a result of a ‘through and through’ non-life threatening wound.

When a large group of DC Police descended on the hospital where Rich’s wounds were being treated, the senior DC Police in attendance at the hospital forced the removal of Rich’s attending doctor, who was forcibly removed of Rich’s hospital room, while DC Police ”interviewed’ him. At no time to that stage was Rich’s condition classed as seriously life threatening.

Seth Rich died while being ‘interviewed’ by selected senior DC Police, whilst other DC Police enforced a cordon around Rich’s hospital room. No “Code” was ever called and Rich apparently ‘died during his questioning’ by senior DC Police, with no medical staff called and the doctors not even being informed that Seth Rich had passed away.

This travesty has all of the apparent hallmarks of an alleged DNC sanctioned murder pure and simple, carried out by persons unidentified from within the Washington DC Police Force.