New York Times Bombshell: WMD’s Were Found in Iraq

Chemical weapons were found by U.S. forces in Iraq, but the Pentagon kept the findings a secret, the New York Times reported Tuesday evening.

According to the Times , from 2004 to 2011 American troops repeatedly encountered chemical munitions in the Middle Eastern country. In at least six cases, coalition forces were even wounded by the weapons from the Saddam Hussein era, the Times reported.

Drawing upon interviews and intelligence documents, the Times concluded that U.S. forces reported finding approximately 5,000 chemical warheads in the war-torn country.

The American government, however, chose to not disclose the information to the public and even kept Congress only partly informed, according to the Times.

“’Nothing of significance’ is what I was ordered to say,” said Jarrod Lampier, a now-retired Army major who was present when forces found 2,400 nerve agent rockets in 2006 — the largest chemical weapons discovery of the war.
Another soldier, Jarrod L. Taylor, who witnessed the destruction of mustard shells, joked of “wounds that never happened” from “that stuff that didn’t exist,” the Times reported

Others told the Times that the U.S. may have hidden the findings because five of the six incidents in which coalition forces were wounded by chemical weapons involved munitions designed by the U.S.

Rear Admiral John Kirby declined to comment to the Times on their report, but said that a review had been launched to ensure military members were provided proper medical care.


For more than a couple of decades the US Department of Defence has become increasingly politicised. Politics were never very far from the US Armed Forces, because of the nature of their tasks, but this is different. When senior military commanders suppress information, for rank party political reasons, it corrupts the tenets of trust that the People place in their Military. This manifests itself in a loss of morale within the Middle Ranking Officer Corps, as well as the core Senior NCOs who are the glue that holds a force structure together.

This tangible loss of morale has been ‘the elephant in the room’ at the Pentagon for over a generation. There is something ‘rank and rotten’ within the upper echelons of the US Officer Corps, as some sell their professional souls to political ‘operators’ for access to power and promotion. Too many good officers have been fired for not bending to the corrupting influence of politicians of every stripe.

I will await a contrite responses from all those political ‘aparachniks’ and hustlers, who over the past decade and more have crowed about the dearth of WMD that were purportedly ‘missing’ after Gulf War II.