Of Fake News in the MSM : Actual Major US Naval groups as at 20 April 2017

Contrary to multiple reports in both US Main Stream Media and world press, there has been NO major deployment of US naval assets into the Sea of Japan and approaches to the Korean Peninsula. Fake News stories in the US print and electronic media suggested that there were Three US Carrier Strike Group and one Amphibious Ready Group being deployed to the Sea of Japan, to put pressure onto the government of North Korea.


The supposed massive buildup of US naval power around Korea was a totally false report put about by US MSM outlets and has no basis in fact. The USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 carrier strike group left Singapore after a scheduled R&R visit, and is in the Southern end of the 7th Fleet AOR apparently heading for Northern Australian waters for a planned major multi-national exercise that is getting underway. Other major naval assets falsely reported by the MSM as heading for North Korean sea approaches included, the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76. The USS Ronald Reagan never left its home port of Yokusuka Japan .The other falsely reported Carrier Strike Group headed for Korean waters the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 which remains just of the California coast carrying out normal scheduled tailored ship’s training. The only other major Naval asset, inside the 7th Fleet AOR off Asia is the USS Makin Island ARG. That ARG is nowhere near Korean waters and is in fact operating SW of the island of Guam.

Even simple fact checking proved that there never was a concentration of US naval power massing in the Sea of Japan , threatening North Korea. A simple phone call to Japanese media in Yokosuka by the US MSM would have confirmed that the USS Ronald Reagan CSG was tied up in port. The CVN Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group was proceeding to Australian waters to participate in scheduled multi-national exercises, after a R&R stop in Singapore and the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71  remained engaged in planned Tailored Ship’s Training just off the coast of California.

The whole overblown story of a massive US three Carrier Strike Group buildup off the approaches to North Korea in the Sea of Japan, was a total fabrication by the US and world Main Stream Media. So called hard news reports appear to be increasingly exposed as Fake News, as the MSM degenerates into a politically tainted echo-chamber of innuendo and tabloid scare stories. Sabre rattling by the media appears to be merely ‘click-bait’ and tabloid headlining. The real story here is NOT about a massive US naval concentration threatening a nuclear war in Korea. It is a story about how far the Main Stream Media has fallen and how totally politicised and irrelevant it has become.


Carrier Strike Groups
The USS Nimitz is underway in the Pacific Ocean conducting a Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX).
The USS Carl Vinson CSG is underway in the U.S. 7th Fleet AOR on a Western Pacific deployment.
The USS Theodore Roosevelt is underway in the Pacific Ocean conducting a tailored ship’s training availability off the coast of Southern California.
The USS George H.W. Bush CSG is underway in a deployment in the U.S. 5th Fleet AOR supporting maritime security operations and conducting theater security cooperation efforts.

Amphibious Ready Groups/Marine Expeditionary Units
The USS Bataan ARG is underway in a deployment in the U.S. 5th Fleet AOR supporting maritime security operations and conducting theater security cooperation efforts.
The USS Makin Island ARG is underway in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region to enhance amphibious capability with regional partners.

Some locstat material courtesy of Stratfor.