The House of Saudi and the Game of Thrones analogy

The Game of Thrones analogy appears to hold in the complicated politics of the Middle East ….. but with more incest!

I know that you have all heard that old phrase, “Its complicated” before, correct?
Well, in the case of what is going on in Saudi Arabia, which includes the coming war with Lebanon and Iran, it is complicated.

Allow me, if I can, explain it in simple terms.

King Salman Getty Image

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is 81 years old (ascended the throne in 2012 when his brother died), his time on the throne is almost over. His hand picked heir is Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Mohammad Salman was not originally the first in line for the throne, his brother Muhammad bin Nayef was (due not to age, but which of King Salman’s wives was his mother, Mohammad Salman is actually older), but Nayef did something unreported that cause King Salman to depose him and appoint Mohammad Salman as the new heir apparent on 21 June 2017. The former Crown Prince and heir apparent Muhammad bin Nayef survived four assassination attempts, the 2009 third attempt apparently seriously injured him, not that it was admitted in the press. He has reportedly acquired an addiction to pain medication but none the less commanded the forces of the Saudi Defence forces in the stalemated war against Iran’s surrogate the al Houthi in Yemen. He was also linked to the leaks of the Panama Papers and this did him no favours in maintaining his position as Crown Prince. He was deposed as Crown Prince by the current Defence Minister Prince Mohammad bin Salman in mid 2017.

In very traditional Saudi fashion, Mohammad Salman has been eliminating any and all possible challenges to his planned ascension to the throne when his father dies. The reported shoot down of one of the many the Saudi Princes’ helicopters on the Yemeni border earlier in the week, is a case in point.

Mohammad bin Salman

The al Houthis issue with Saudi Arabia goes back to 2011 when King Salman ascended the throne. The al Houthis are a Shia sect and the majority extremist group in what was formally Northern Yemen. The unacknowledged but most likely cause for the hostilities between Saudi Arabia and the al Houthis has to do with King Salman’s ascension to the throne, Salman’s brother was suppose to ascend, but he died, rumour’s circulate that his death might not have been “Natural”.

Mohammad Salman is taking on the issue of the al Houtis shall we say, as a way of ensuring his own ascension to the throne. Remember, who sits on the throne of Saudi Arabia is of intense interest to the entire Islamic world because the House of Saud is the official guardian of the Kaaba in Mecca, Islam’s most holy site.

Murder, deception and Palace intrigue are the foundations of the House of Saud, who still remain the Royal ‘B Team’ after they originally purloined the the kingdom of Arabia from the Royal Hashemite House of Jordan, just after WWI, when the Ottoman Empire was being broken up under British and French supervision. The various “Saudi Crown Princes” regularly eliminate one other, jockeying for ascension position within the Saudi palace intrigues.

Crown Prince Mohammad Salman, the Defence Minister and heir apparent, is using the current Clinton corruption scandal as an excuse to solidify his position by eliminating those under him who might have any chance of challenging his ascension to the throne. Many Saudi elites have involvement in the Panama Papers scandal. Both the Bushite and Clintonian factions within the US power elites have had their own particular favourites, who dolled out largess and enriched many denizens of the US swamp over the past quarter century. In the Middle East the Saudis have a parallel corrupt, faction ridden, but much more lethal, ‘swamp’ that is the House of Saud.This is what the recent rash of arrests and so called accidental deaths within Saudi Arabia are about. The proxy war with Lebanon/Iran is Mohammad Salman proving his “Strongman” credentials that testify that he is capable of defending the Kaaba and Islam from the would be apostate Shi’a usurpers of Iran and their Hezbollah client hit men.

Saudi Arabia is a Sunni majority nation, whilst the al Houtis are mostly a schismatic Shi’a sect, and the current conflict throughout the Middle East, but in particular Yemen, is mostly just a most recent example of theIslamic civil war/schism that has been going on for 1350 years or so. It’s being fought through surrogates like Hezbollah and the schismatic cultish al Houthi in the Shi’a side, and through various Sunni tribal groups but including Sunni and Saudi Wahhabists and their spawn like ISIS and al Qaeda.

Saudi Arabia officially took sides in the Yemeni civil war in 2015. While the al Houtis officially insist that they are not receiving any support from Iran, this claim is easily dismissed due to the ability to track the weapons used by the al Houtis back to Iran.  Those weapons have been tracked through Lebanon via Hezbollah and in a few occasions, when the al Houthi were in battlefield ‘extremis’ during the fighting and subsequent retreat from around Aden in Southern Yemen, directly to Iran through direct trans shipment through the al Houthi port on the Red Sea.

This conflict by proxy is precisely the reason that the United States has been opposed to Iran obtaining Nuclear weapons as it would make Iran the most powerful country in the Middle East giving it the opportunity to invade Saudi Arabia and claim guardianship of Mecca and the Kaaba and thus majority control over all Islam. Remember too that the Saudis also have their ‘Armageddon Plan’ in case of Iranian incursions into Eastern Saudi oil producing fields. The Saudi’s two nuclear armed missile ‘end game’ aimed at Qom and Tehran. The missiles are siloed and ready in Saudi however their Pakistani purchased warheads remain stored in Pakistan along with two permanently stationed Saudi transport aircraft on  high readiness dispatch notice.

The House of Saud is also well aware of the fact that Israel has between 200-300 nuclear weapons and something known as the ‘Sampson Protocol’. Neither the House of Saud, Sunni theology or even Wahhabi theology contain the theological prophecy that the 12th Imam will rise up out of the well and destroy Israel. Though the Shi’a and specifically the Iranians with their ‘Twelfth Imam cult’ certainly do.

The House of Saud has no desire to be obliterated in a nuclear holocaust precipitated by attempting to nuke Israel but they certainly do fear the Iranians and specifically the ‘Twelvers’ based on Qom.

The Sampson Protocol is a Israeli defence initiative which is officially disputed by unofficially acknowledged and goes to this effect. In the event that Israel is realistically faced with destruction, Israel will launch all of its nuclear weapons aimed at the capitols of the entire world. {Sampson bringing the temple down on his Philistine captors} The shorter translation for the Sampson Protocol is, if anyone tries “to force us back into the ovens”, then EVERYONE ON EARTH COMES WITH US.)





Guest input from Doriangrey