The October Surprise: ……… surprises Clinton. Will it be the last?

On Friday 28th. October 2016 at 1300 hours US East Coast time, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey reopened the Clinton E-Mail scandal investigations. Just eleven days before the US elections, this was a move that is NOT insignificant. Comey suggested that additional material relevant to the closed investigation had come to light, namely four computers belonging to Clinton’s senior adviser Huma Abedin and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner, the sacked former Democrat Congressman.


Given the extreme circumstances, of any such investigation happening just 11 days out from the US elections, will have on the election outcome, one must assume that highly significant new material has come to light, that casts direct questions on the abandoned Clinton E-Mail investigations. The stock markets have certainly reacted with between half and one percent downward correction.

The Democrat electoral campaign is reeling from this development as it has happened at the worst possible time for the Democrat Clinton team. There has been quite a lot of informed speculation for weeks that the FBI were investigating a serious case with direct links to the Clinton E-Mail scandals. Now we know that that investigation was related to the ‘sexting’ approach that disgraced former Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner made to an out of State female child. Because the investigation crosses State lines makes the investigation a Federal task. Weiner is the recently estranged husband of Huma Abedin, the close personal friend and Senior Adviser to Hillary Clinton. The hacked e-Mails in the custody of the FBI relate to the transmission of possible classified e-mails between Clinton and Abadin as well as information on-ward passed to Weiner.

The scenario of a deeply compromised individual like Weiner getting access to highly classified documents from Clinton’s or Abedin’s servers beggars belief. Just the options for ‘blackmail’ are seismic to say the least. Piled atop this festering scandal, is the background of Huma Abedin, a woman with access to the pinnacle of classified information through her employer Hillary Clinton.

Abedin is the daughter of Syed Zainul Abedin a former spokesmen for the Muslim Brotherhood, a group high up on terrorist watch lists, banned and driven from Egypt, and in communications with many al Qaeda affiliated terror groups.  Again the linkage of top secret classified US secrets through Clinton to Abedin and even to the disgraced Weiner is mind boggling.

The seriousness of FBI Director Comey relaunching the Clinton e-Mail investigation, at a time that will have a significant effect on the US election result, is highly significant. Comey wouldn’t dare relaunching the investigation into the Democrat Candidate Clinton unless he knew that he had serious and provable evidence of criminal behaviour. Obviously Comey was ‘hoist on his own petard’. He had the chance to empanel a Grand Jury mid year to investigate and assess the available evidence prior to indicting Clinton on very serious criminal charges. He refused to do his duty then. Knowing that even more serious evidence has emerged, Comey realised that he would be indicted himself, if he suppressed this additional evidence of Clinton criminal behaviour, until after the election.

Piling scandal on scandal, evidence has also emerged that the Assistant Director Andrew McCabe of the FBI, the chief investigator into the Clinton e-Mail scandal, is married to Dr. Jill McCabe, a Virginia political neo-phite, who unsuccessfully contested a Virginia State Senate seat. There is compelling evidence that the Clinton Campaign used this well connected individual as a conduit to criminally launder money from Democrat SuperPacs to the Clinton Campaign fund. In a suspected quid pro quo deal Dr. McCabe got between $650k and $1 million in SuperPac funds from Clinton confident Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe that were immediately fed to a media company called Shorr Johnson Magnus, who then passed the funds to the Clinton Campaign surrogate organisation, run by the billionaire radical leftist George Soros funded Priorities USA , who then passed the ‘washed’ funds to Clinton’s Campaign, in direct contravention of the law. The Quo part of the deal gave Dr. McCabe direct access to first rate contacts and professional campaign support for her bid to be elected as a Virginia Senator. She failed anyway!

That Dr. Jill McCabe was married to the Assistant Director of the FBI, who headed the investigation into the Clinton e-Mail scandal is shocking. This totally compromises the Assistant Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe and brings into question the verities of the whole FBI investigation into Clinton, and their refusal to charge her or even empanel a Grand Jury to look into the evidence of Clinton’s criminality.

Comey, the FBI Director is now in an invidious position. By bringing this action against the Democrat Candidate for President 11 days out from the election, Comey is seen by the Democrats of effecting the election itself. If Comey had suppressed this evidence until after the election, he would have probably been indicted by the likely Republican House of Representatives for criminally withholding evidence. Comey has only himself to blame for the bind he now finds himself entangled within. Pressure from within the Operational ranks of the FBI, now in open revolt over Bureau high level alleged corruption, to begin leaking damning evidence about Comey’s  complicity in not prosecuting Clinton, was probably the final straw in pushing Comey to come clean.

The depth and entanglement of multiple criminal conspiracies by the Clinton Democrat Election Campaign boggles the mind. More and more the whole US governing elite have been exposed as rife with corruption and criminality. Especially amongst the Democrat Party and those ‘go along to get along’ members of the establishment insiders of the Republican Party. The so called Neocons (former members of the Democrats who migrated to the Republicans in the 1980s and captured that party, to evolve into the RNCe (Republican National Committee ‘establishment’)).

And…. we look forward to yet another ‘October Surprise’ promised by WikiLeaks, that is still to come! The whole Abedin / Weiner / Clinton scandal may in fact be a mere excuse by FBI Director Comey to re-start the whole Clinton E-Mail Investigation, leading to a Grand Jury or criminal indictment, after rank and file FBI Operational staffers threatened to revolt over apparent FBI complicity with the Clinton Election Campaign. There may also be the manifest threat from WikiLeaks of further damning hard evidence of Clinton criminality. FBI Director Comey wants to be on the winning side after all of the dust settles on this scandal, and for that fact alone FBI Director Comey will be willing to absorb the venom of the Clinton DNC ‘machine’ just 11 days out from the US elections.

It’s time for half a century of corruption and criminality to be swept away from the self serving elitist Washington Belt-way, by the US voters on the 8th November 2016.