The Pope’s Scatological Advent Outburst:


Even Vatican Radio Sees the Resemblance between an apparent psychological fixation of Pope Francis and Martin Luther, and that is saying something. Both clergymen appear obsessed with, to not put too fine a point on it, … shit.


The sacred season of Advent, of the Christ’s birth is once more upon us. What better time for a perpetually prattling Pope to disgust the whole Catholic world with his puerile ‘all so clever’ analogy, between irresponsible journalism and ‘coprophilia’, the perverse erotic attraction to human feces, and ‘coprophagia’, the perverse desire to eat feces. Seriously? Some kind soul should point out to Bergoglio that he holds position of Pope, not some gutter mouth from the barrios of Argentina. Francis seems obsessed with such ‘potty chat’ and apparently has been since 2013 (when he was still Cardinal Bergoglio). Francis seems fixated with this apparent scatological attraction, this time in meandering remarks to an obscure Belgian magazine published on the Vatican website and reported through the increasingly ‘dodgy’ Vatican Radio.

To directly quote the Pope, the Successor of Peter, the Leader of the Church of 1.4 billion souls, “I believe that the media should be very clear, very transparent, and not fall prey – without offence, please – to the sickness of coprophilia, which is always wanting to communicate scandal, to communicate ugly things, even though they may be true. And since people have a tendency towards the sickness of coprophagia, it can do great harm.” Well Holy Father as a Catholic I actually do take offence, and find your words at once, demeaning to your office, bizarre and rather puerile.

Francis obviously does not mean literally that “people have a tendency toward the sickness of coprophagia”—i.e., toward eating dung. Rather for reasons known only to himself, Francis likens the tendency to gossip to a revoltingly inapt referent to which he has become strangely wedded. Perhaps he merely wished to throw around a couple of obscure words during his press interview of the week to show how etymologically astute and well read he is. He has however only succeeded in demonstrating yet again that he is prone to tone-deaf pseudo-intellectualism, and so enamored of his own random thoughts that he has no idea of what an embarrassment he has become to his Flock.

Aside from Bergoglio’s rather unfortunate obsession with using these scatalogical allusions, his autobiographical confessions that he (as a young priest) taught his nephew to use foul language and how he stole a Rosary from the coffin of a dead priest he admired, suggests that a psychiatrist or psychologist may make some educated guesses as to this Pope’s current mental state. What is wrong with the man?

The appropriate reaction here—aside from horror over the continuing damage this Pope is inflicting the papal office not to mention the Church he leads—is not disgust but pity for an aggressively puerile unfortunate soul incapable of controlling his tongue.

So can a rational assessment see a similarity between Pope Francis and Martin Luther? (Even the Vatican Radio’s German outlet Facebook page has published—approvingly—the Luther-Bergoglio Internet meme created by a critic skilled in Photoshop).

Is it a coincidence that Martin Luther too had a preoccupation with feces? It was he who penned such gems as “I am ripe shit, so is the world a great wide arsehole; eventually we will part” and “I have shat in my pants and breeches; hang them on your neck and wipe your mouth with them.” I will refrain from indulging in further rather offensive quotes by Luther. It was Saint Thomas More who wrote of Luther that “he conceives nothing in his head other than stupidities, rages and insanities; [and] has nothing in his mouth other than sewers, shit and dung—with which he plays the buffoon more filthily and obscenely than any actual buffoon ever did.”

As Maureen Mullarkey has written regarding this latest unfortunate eruption from the mouth of Bergoglio: “This pontificate is a cornucopia of last straws.” Indeed, take your pick. Damian Thompson, protesting “the Pope’s bizarre rant about eating faeces” over at The Spectator, notes the widening disillusionment with this calamitous papacy before concluding: “The Pope turns 80 this month. A surprising number of Catholics are wondering whether this might not be an appropriate moment for him to retire. Count me among them.”

But Rod Dreher best captures the essence of the problem. In a blog post entitled “Poop Talk with Pope Francis,” he delivers this devastating one-liner:

“The Vicar of Christ, ladies and gentlemen.”

Francis is determined to bring the papacy down to his level, and the whole Church along with it. To the extent humanly possible, the Church has become his plaything. The result is at once a demonstration of the power and the peril of the papacy.

Ferrara et al.